A major, university-affiliated medical center with a 400–bed hospital, regional trauma center, and comprehensive network of ambulatory care services made a strategic decision to become the health system of choice through a systemic growth and transformation process. They sought a coordinated solution to improve the patient experience and implement administrative systems that support value-based purchasing contracts.

Our Approach

The broad range of system challenges necessitated an enterprise-wide approach to building a patient-centric environment, focusing on areas of the hospital with the greatest impact, including the admissions and discharge process, and inpatient areas. Our team supported the design, development and deployment of cross-functional teams, addressing quality, patient and employee engagement, and fiscal initiatives.

The Solutions

Newpoint set out to build the internal leadership strength and capabilities to create sustainable solutions. Our work focused on:

  • Engaging leadership teams in a long-term strategic and operational change management process.
  • Designing and delivering hands-on training to engage employees in a customer-centric approach to patient registration, care management and quality assessment.
  • Implementing a client-centered administrative and marketing approach to encourage client retention.
  • Redesigned internal clinical and business processes for administrative systems, care management, referrals, intake and quality assurance to support an integrated, patient-centric system.
  • Analyzing financial requirements for treating a defined population to support managed care negotiations and alternative reimbursement structures.

The Result

The medical center successfully met its growth projections. By combining internal systems support with planned acquisitions, it subsequently became the premier system in the region.

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