The White House is accepting nominations for the 47th class of White House Fellows. And you can help.

Please consider nominating an emerging leader with “a record of remarkable professional achievement, evidence of leadership skills, and a demonstrated commitment to public service” for a 2022-23 White House Fellowship.

Founded in 1964 by Lyndon B. Johnson at the urging of Carnegie Corporation leader John Gardner, and initially led by banker David Rockefeller, the strictly non-partisan Fellowship offers a dozen or so emerging leaders a year of direct experience in full-time paid positions at the highest levels of the President’s Administration. President Johnson’s initial Commission on White House Fellowships laid out the following mission:

“To provide gifted and highly motivated emerging leaders with some first-hand experience in the process of governing the Nation and a sense of personal involvement in the leadership of society.”

A quarter-century after my own Fellowship, I still find that I’m applying the learning and sense of responsibility instilled by that experience as I lead Newpoint and advise our healthcare clients.

You can visit the site for information and an application. In addition, feel free to have your potential nominee call me with questions about the program or about my own experiences before and after the Fellowship year.

Allow me to address one concern head-on: Don’t assume that you will lose your talented nominees forever! Virtually all members of my own class brought their Fellowship competencies back home – in service to the organization that nominated them, the people it serves, and their community at-large. President Johnson understood this objective from the beginning, for he urged his own Fellows to complete their mission by “continuing to work as private citizens” for the good of the nation.

John Gardner put it even more succinctly, saying the Fellows would acquire a “national consciousness” that would increase our value – and our duties – as citizens and community leaders when we returned to the private sector.

And it can all start with your nomination of an emerging leader.

–Joe Lupica, Chairman

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Note: (Since this Viewpoint was prepared, the deadline for this year’s White House Fellowship application passed, but reopens every year.)